New Pakistani dresses

New Trends of Pakistani Dresses 2 New Pakistani dresses

In spite of passing many years, Shalwar Kameez remains to be the traditional clothing in Pakistan dresses.

its true that our clothing has under gone a lot of variations and Pakistanidresses today are much different from what they used to  be, fashion only adds a spice here and a little there to give Pakistani dressesa new look every years we move from one province to another, you get to see a new flavor added in to the Pakistani dresses.

Pakistani dresses show a new color as you cross the boundaries of Sindh.Although the people of Sindh have not preserved their traditional clothing the way Balochi s have, but you still get to see the traditional Ajrak and Sindhi Topi in rural areas of sindh.Ajrak is piece of  cloth with a unique print on it with specific colors and Sindhi Topi is hat which is a significant part of sindhi.

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